how to mimic the effect of steroids through diet, witout the negative effects of steroids.

mimic the effect of steroids through diet

You can mimic the effect of steroids through diet? American experts say yes!

For some time, American specialists in nutrition and bodybuilding have announced a revolutionary new diet, it seems, through its effects almost identical to those of steroids on the body.

The basic idea which concluded after a study is that, although a long time, and bodybuilding nutrition experts all agreed that we must eat more calories as alcohol in order to encourage muscle growth, it seems Yet that is not so.

Overseas specialists say that the process is like rearing a child. Thus, height is not a consequence of excess calories, as no release of growth hormone makes the child not to eat more. In conclusion, the new idea is the opposite gnadirii already established.

Until recently, any student trainers, bodybuilders advised to eat more, namely "everything that falls in their hands." The new diet seems to come in conflict with everything I did.

Their plan involves a 5-day and half diet, rich in protein, fat, but low in carbohydrates. Then, for 36 hours, eat only carbohydrates. Thus, experts say, will trigger increased testosterone and growth hormone.

Here's how to show each of the five and a half days: 07.00 - three to five scrambled eggs and coffee without sugar.

10.00 - a pita with chicken and cheese and a protein bar.

13.00 - pita bread, tuna, cheese and a protein bar.

16.30 - vegetables, beef or pork and salad dressing.

19:00 - 40 g whey protein, 5 grams of glutamine and 5 grams of creatine monohydrate - pre workout supplements

21.00 - protein bar, ice cream, nuts.

Thus, consumption of carbohydrates is about 30 grams per day. When the cycle ends in 36 hours, you can eat pizza or any dish you want, but not above the satiety ratio.

The food must be rich in carbohydrates, moderate protein and low in fat. Then the cycle repeats.

Remember always to adjust your post workout supplement, carb intake.
Also make sure you use only the best pre workout supplements, so you are able to manage your hardest trainings during this periods.

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