how to mimic the effect of steroids through diet, witout the negative effects of steroids.

Gain Muscle & Lose Fat Naturally

Do you want to gain muscle & lose fat without harmful diet pills?
Did you know that some diet pills could have serious side effects? Some of these side effects can cause serious health problems and even death. There are many natural ways to gain muscle & lose fat. Here are some helpful supplements to get you to your weight loss goal.


This product stimulates our protein, carbohydrates and fat. It will boost your metabolism to gain muscle & lose fat quicker. Chromium will work with your body's natural insulin to move glucose to cells to give your body energy. This process will improve glucose metabolism, which will help you maintain your weight. It breaks glucose down in our blood cells for energy. You can get this supplement over the counter and also in prescription weight loss medicines.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a natural appetite suppressant. You just take two tablespoons three times a day before each meal. It is also used to treat arthritis, headaches and high blood pressure.

Hoodia Herbal Supplement

Hoodia is a small plant that comes from the remote area of the South African Kalahari Desert. The San Bushmen have eaten the plant for years to suppress their hunger on hunting trips. This supplement will make you feel full so you don't overeat and gain excess weight.

Green Tea Herbal Supplement

Green tea eliminates food and sugar cravings, as it is a natural appetite suppressor. It will increase your metabolism and also regulate your blood sugar level. Studies have shown it will lower your chances of cancer, digestive problems and urinary problems.

Grapefruit Supplements

Grapefruit is a metabolism booster, which means it will burn fat more quickly. Grapefruit is also good for diabetics, as it will regulate your blood sugar level and lower your insulin level. You must drink plenty of water with grapefruit supplements for it to work effectively.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is an appetite suppressor. This oil's omega-3 fatty acids burn the body's fat as fuel.

Gymnema Sylvestre

This supplement comes from a plant that grows wild in India and Africa. It blocks our ability to taste sweet things. This supplement will take away your sugar cravings.


This supplement will help your body metabolize fat. It will also improve your body's thyroid function, which aids in weight loss.


This is an amino acid that fuels the brain. It will keep you from craving sugar and starches. Instead of storing fat in your body, it will help burn your body fat.

Before taking any herbal supplements to gain muscle & lose fat, always check with your physician first. Some of these herbal remedies can contradict and prescription medications you are taking. You must eat a healthy diet and exercise along with these supplements to lose that stomach fat and maintain your weight loss. This will not work over night, so don't get discouraged, and keep on trying. You will soon reach your desired goal.

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Steroids should never be purchased from an illegal source and/or without medical prescription.

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